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Most women are uncomfortable with the idea of undergoing surgery, but would still like bigger boobs. Which leads to the question “are there natural breast enhancement methods that can be used?” The answer as it happens can be found within the body. By adjusting hormone levels it is possible to stimulate natural breast growth.


Your body is a complex biological miracle. Its parts are interconnected and heavily dependent upon one another to function. Within your body are an assortment of chemicals called hormones. Your hormones – such as insulin, dopamine and melatonin – are the forces that regulate and assists the body’s many processes.

Hormones influence (among other things) pain, appetite and growth. In fact, the size of your breasts is largely influenced by natural hormonal levels. Throughout a woman’s life, her hormones will go through a series of fluctuations. The biggest changes will occur during puberty, pregnancy and menopause. Because it is during puberty that most of a woman’s breast growth occurs, we can stimulate new growth by simulating the hormonal makeup of a pubescent woman.

Hormone Manipulation

There are many ways to alter the hormone levels in your body. Some are positive, such as laughing or eating healthy foods. Others can be negative, like discontinuing physical activity or taking drugs. Your personal habits seriously affect the way that your body functions.

But enough of all this gibber-jabber! You want to know, specifically, how to grow bigger breasts. This is how! To encourage breast growth, you need to manipulate the following hormones:

  • Testosterone
  • Prolactin
  • Growth Hormone
  • Oestrogen

By changing the levels of these hormones (which are already present in your body), you can “tell” your breasts that it’s time to start growing again.

Lowering Testosterone

Some women fear testosterone because they know that it is commonly associated with men. Truthfully, it has benefits for men and women. Women, however, need far less of it than men do. High testosterone levels (T-levels) can increase sex drive, but they can also cause aggression and masculine physical characteristics. As you might guess, that means that testosterone will not help you get those big, full breasts you’re searching for.

The best way to decrease your testosterone is by adapting a new diet. Eating the wrong food can raise your insulin levels and, consequently, up your testosterone as well. Here are a few ways to adjust your diet:

  • Lose the sugar! An occasional treat is okay, but daily doughnuts and sodas aren’t going to help you.
  • Eat more vegetables. Leafy greens are a great way to decrease T-levels in your body.
  • Reduce your meat intake. By eating quinoa or tofu instead of meat when possible, you could drop testosterone counts by 10%!

If you’re health conscious, the advice listed above probably sounds familiar. It’s important to eat healthy. Luckily, there’s a new upside: the foods that slim you down and keep you fit are also the foods that increase breast size.

Increasing Prolactin

Prolactin is much less known than testosterone. Nonetheless, it is very powerful. It works together well with estrogen, which we’ll discuss a little later. Plus, it promotes both fat storage and growth inside your breasts. Most times you won’t be pleased about storing additional fat, but fat cells are the best breast enhancers you can get.

A woman usually won’t experience significantly increased levels of prolactin unless she is pubescent or pregnant. During both of those times, women may undergo significant breast size increases. That’s why prolactin is so important to this process. Luckily, it’s not too difficult to replicate those hormonal stages and bump up the prolactin. Manufacturing it is as easy as consuming the right herbs.

Among the herbs that will positively affect your prolactin levels are blessed thistle, nettle, fennel and fenugreek. The properties of these herbs have been well-established in books and on the internet. One of their best qualities is the ability to increase prolactin. As an aside, you may discover that fenugreek – in addition to increasing prolactin – also changes the smell of your perspiration. Instead of B.O., you’ll smell like maple syrup. Seriously.

Increasing Growth Hormone

Also known as somatropin, growth hormone does just what it says. For certain parts of the body, its job is to stimulate growth. Like many hormones, however, it serves multiple purposes. Another benefit of growth hormones is that they can inhibit other hormones from becoming too plentiful. Most importantly, it simplifies the process of growing your breasts.

There are a few natural ways to increase the human growth hormone in your body. One is to make sure you’re regularly getting a full night’s sleep. Another is to consume good proteins. As a snack, try eating a little bit of lean meat or a piece of chicken. If you can, pass on the breading or cooking oils. Plain grilled chicken will do the trick.

If you’re looking for something a little quicker, you can try assorted supplements such as gamma-Aminobutyric acid. Selecting supplements can be intimidating, so it may be best to consult another source before you choose. You can find suggested supplements in Jenny Bolton’s popular book “Boost Your Bust” (It’s full of other hints and breast size increase tips, too – check it out!).

Getting The Oestrogen Right

It’s easy to understand why many women think that they can get bigger boobs by simply upping their oestrogen levels. Oestrogen is the female hormone. Nearly every part of what makes a woman a woman is influenced by oestrogen, including her breasts. In fact, no other hormone affects breast shape and size like estrogen. Unfortunately, you can’t get bigger breasts by simply flooding your body with oestrogen.

Increasing the estrogen levels of the body can actually decrease your chances of success. Some women may even need to lower their estrogen levels. The most important things are to 1) balance it out, and 2) get rid of the impostors. Do this and you’ll have the best opportunity for breast growth.

Eliminating Imitation Oestrogen

Sometimes you’ll be exposed to things which will affect your body like estrogen. Phytoestrogens and xenoestrogens can fool your brain into recognizing them as if they were natural estrogen, but they’re not. When too many impostor estrogens get inside your body, it will stop accepting the real stuff.

These imitation estrogen substances are in a wide assortment of everyday products such as sunscreen and red food coloring. Get rid of them. Unnatural chemicals aren’t going to help you. If you want natural breast growth, you’ve got to use natural products.

You’ve Got What It Takes

Your body undergoes most of its changes as a result of hormones. By understanding what those hormones do and how to affect them, you can have control over certain aspects of your body. Change your behavior in the right way and you can dramatically improve the function and appearance of your body. You can even get bigger, beautiful breasts.


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