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Breast enhancement creams are the unsung hero of women all over the country who wanted bigger boobs. Not everyone is born with the body that they want. If you wish that you were blessed with a bustier chest, you’re not alone. Lots of ladies want fuller, sexier breasts. If you’re among them, you may have considered using creams to enlarge breast tissue and get the look you want.

It’s no surprise that they are popular. After all, they are all natural, can be used privately at home, and work! Plus, creams are thousands of dollars cheaper than getting a boob job. Though some people are skeptical, there are whole crowds of women who have seen impressive results using breast enhancement creams.

How do creams work?

When the most frequently discussed method of improving the fullness of a woman’s chest is through plastic surgery, you’re probably wondering how to enlarge breasts any other way. The difference between using plastic surgery and using breast creams is simple. Surgery fills the breast with poppable implants. Creams grow the breast using all-natural ingredients.

Breast enhancement creams may use any number of ingredients, including:

  •     Fenugreek
  •     Oats
  •     Dong quai
  •     Black cohosh
  •     Fennel
  •     Barley
  •     Saw Palmetto

These cocktails of natural ingredients work to accomplish one of two goals, depending on the specific product. The first is that they promote the production of estrogen in a woman’s body. The second is to introduce phytoestrogens, which behave in many of the same ways as estrogen does.

Estrogen is a natural hormone with many important roles for women’s bodies. It impacts the changes which occur during puberty, develops the uterus, and assists in processing biochemical compounds such as protein and cholesterol. It also influences the growth of breast tissue!

Are creams effective?

There has never been a double-blind, placebo-controlled study ever performed on the effectiveness of breast enhancement creams. As it turns out, that is quite unfortunate. Studies of this type are designed to avoid accidental biases and measure whether something truly works or not. Because such a test has never been carried out, the effectiveness of breast enhancement creams cannot be stated officially. The only people who can be trusted to decide are those women who have used them!

Well, what are those women saying? It turns out that most women who use breast enhancement creams according to the directions experience positive results. Confirmation of their effectiveness can be found on product reviews all over the internet. Women are buying the products, trying the products, and continuously reporting that the creams are working!

Naturally, there are some people for whom the creams won’t work. This isn’t too much of a surprise. After all, no treatment of any kind–medicinal or otherwise–work for everybody. It just does not happen. The reason is that human beings are incredibly diverse. None are exactly alike, and so their bodies do not respond to treatments in exactly the same manner. What works for one (or ten or a thousand) may not work for another.

That being said, there is a lot of testimonial evidence to suggest that they work, and work well! If you’ve already tried them without success, however, you may benefit from trying out some other all-natural methods like those shared by Jenny Bolton in her book, “Boost Your Bust.”

Ways to increase the effectiveness of the cream

If you’re wondering whether there is a way how to enlarge breasts more quickly or reliably than you’ll be pleased to know that there is. While they work that way for some women, breast enhancement creams should not be considered a quick-fix cure-all for women with tiny breasts. They ought to be used in conjunction with other measures to ensure they are maximally effective.

There are four ways to boost the success of your cream. One is to perform breast firming exercises. These exercises work to tighten flabby pectoral muscles. As those muscles get utilized, they will firm up. Once firm, they will better support your breast, creating a perkier aesthetic.

Another approach you can take to improving the effectiveness of your breast enhancement cream is to practice eating well. Proper nutrition is always important, but especially if you want to promote growth. The same logic applies to athletes (or any individuals looking to encourage muscular growth).

The third way to maximize the effectiveness of your cream is to incorporate breast massages into your regiment. The breast massages can increase blood flow to your chest, which is necessary for growth to any part of your body. Also, massaging as you apply the cream can ensure that it is fully absorbed into your skin.

The last way is to supplement your cream with a breast enhancement pill. Some women prefer to take pills, while others prefer to use creams. In reality, you’ll have best results if you use both. In doing so you can address the issue of your breasts’ size from the inside and the outside.

Can I make my own cream?

Yes you can! Homemade breast enhancement creams are popular among women who want bigger boobs, but like the benefit of seeing exactly what they’ll be using on their bodies. Typically you can make a cream at home using an existing product as your base and mixing in the ingredients you want. It’s not a bad idea to find a detailed recipe before you start out. You don’t want to waste your time making something that won’t work!

If you’re not interested in making a cream from scratch, consider this popular and proven product.

Breast Actives

Are you curious how to increase bust size naturally fast? If you want larger, shapelier, sexier breasts that will give you confidence and make you feel great, then Breast Actives is the answer. Breast Actives the #1 breast enhancement program. It has a high rate of success and its three step program gives women every advantage. The effectiveness of the program depends on your ability to follow its three simple steps.

Take the Breast Actives enhancement pill every morning with a full glass of water at your first meal.

Gently massage the Breast Actives enhancement cream onto your breasts each day, or according to your skin care professional.

The sexy breasts you’ve always wanted don’t need to be a fantasy. There are real, all-natural solutions out there for you. Try them–you won’t regret it!


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