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If home-made breast cream sounds like something your man made up to get a little more “hands-on” time, then you may be shocked to find out that it is actually a real thing. In fact, home-made herbal creams are one of the best ways to increase breast size naturally.

The breasts are an important part of the way that a woman perceives her beauty and, for most women, bigger is better. If you’ve been wondering how to enhance breast size and boost your confidence, the best way may actually be something you can do at home!

Natural Growth

Hormones fill your body. These natural chemicals are responsible for initiating all of the processes that make you grow, heal, change, adapt, feel emotion and form attitudes. Understanding how hormones work means that we can understand – among other things – how to make your breasts bigger naturally.

You see, the development of your breasts is influenced by hormonal changes, especially those that occur during puberty and pregnancy. If you can create a similar cocktail of hormones, you can achieve the same results. The secret of how to grow bigger breasts is about turning those hormone producers from “off” to “on.”

Flipping The Switch

The secret to non-surgical breast enhancement is to find ways to engage the hormones that will stimulate growth. Luckily, the body’s hormones react to certain triggers. What we eat, how we behave and the stimuli to which we expose ourselves can impact the hormones.

Research about homeopathic treatments and a lot of trial and error led us to the discovery that we can rely on certain herbs for breast growth. It is with these herbs that we can achieve totally natural breast enhancement.

Internal v External

Once it is understood that breast enhancement herbs can give you the full, sexy bust you want, the solution seems easy: eat a bunch of herbs!

As it turns out, external application of the product is actually more effective. That’s because your liver and kidneys are natural filters. When you’re trying to keep harmful toxins from your more sensitive organs, what they do is great. When you’re trying to fill out your bust, however, those filtering systems can seriously reduce the potency of your new herbal regimen.

In order to get the full benefit of a high-volume herbal treatment, you’re better off working from the outside in. Creams do that wonderfully.

A Few Quick Notes

The recommended herbs that can be used to make your own cream are Red Clover, Fenugreek, and Saw Palmetto. For a better understanding of the benefits these herbs (and others) offer CLICK HERE.

Powdered herbs don’t really get the job done. They make for clumpy cream and don’t mix well. You really want something with a little moisture to it. While liquid herbal extracts are readily available in supermarkets and specialty stores, paying for them regularly (either for creams or for dietary use) can really put a hurting on your wallet. Opt to use fresh herbs if you can. You’ll save a bundle!

Preparing The Active Ingredient

When you’re finally ready to get your hands dirty, here’s what you have to do.

  1. Gather up your herbs. Chop them finely. The assistance of a coffee grinder or traditional blender can greatly simplify this process. When finished, place your herbs into a clean glass jar. A canning jar works wonderfully because the lid closes tightly.
  2. Select your mixing liquid. Alcohol works best and we recommend using 100 proof if possible. Brandy and vodka are good options. If you choose to use grain alcohol, you should mix it with an equal part of water. Should you wish to use something other than alcohol, you may find that vinegar and vegetable glycerine are great alternatives.
  3. Pour in your liquid. Use enough so that the liquid covers the herbs by about two or three inches. If you elected to use dry herbs, be prepared to return to your mixture and add more liquid because the herbs will absorb it quickly. If using fresh, a good ratio is 3:1 of liquid to herbs. If using dry, bump it up to 5:1.
  4. Now, the waiting. Cover your jar with a tight lid and shake it up. Tuck it away into a dark place. Return every few days to give it another good shake, but otherwise leave it alone for at least four weeks. Storing it longer than six weeks won’t give you any further benefits.
  5. After the time has elapsed, you need to strain out the herbs. Cheesecloth (or a very tight strainer) will do the trick. If you have small amber bottles, those are the best way to store your new herbal by-product. This stuff will last for years!

Turning It Into Cream

Mixing this product into body lotion will create your home-made breast cream. A single drop mixed into a teaspoon of lotion will give you the effect that you’re looking for. Don’t overdo it because it’s easy to turn your cream into a mostly-liquid solution that’ll run down your breasts and onto your belly. That won’t benefit you at all and you’ll waste your cream.

Stick to the 1 drop per table spoon mixture and you’ll be all set! Mixing too much of the cream at once isn’t a great idea either. Once mixed, it only lasts for about a week. You’re better off mixing as you go.

The Shortcut

Making your own cream is fun, effective and very affordable, but if you prefer to the shorter route, there’s a great product on the market for you to try. Breast Actives is a homeopathic treatment that can engage the hormones in your body. Using Breast Actives is how to increase breast size when you don’t have 4-6 weeks to wait for an herbal by-product to saturate.

Using a breast cream is a great alternative to surgery. It’s much cheaper, safer and doesn’t require a lengthy healing time. If you think that bigger breasts would make you more confident, don’t go under the knife! Do it the natural way instead.


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