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Many women want to increase their breast size, but think that the only way to do it is through expensive surgeries. This is not true. In fact, there are special massage techniques that have increased the breast size of many women safely and naturally. This specialized breast massage helps to increase blood circulation in the breast. With more blood flowing to the breasts, they are then able to pull phytoestrogens from the bloodstream, which helps them to grow.

Breast Massage is quite a simple procedure and does not take more than a few minutes. Furthermore, it is done by the woman, and does not, in reality, require any other assistance or help. Thus, it can also be labeled as one of the cheapest methods to have natural breast enlargement and breast enhancement. – Jenny Bolton, Boost Your Bust

Regular massage can also trigger your body to produce prolactin, which is a hormone that helps the breasts to develop in puberty and pregnancy.To naturally increase your breast size, here is a breast massage technique that was adapted from an ancient Taoist exercise. It is known as the Female Deer exercise.

Breast Massage Technique

1. Choose an Oil or Cream
This is an optional step, but can help to produce even better results. It will also help prevent your breasts from becoming sore, as the massage should be repeated twice daily for at least one month. Women may choose to use either a natural massage oil or a breast cream. If you choose to use a breast enhancing cream, make sure to only use those with all-natural, herbal ingredients.

2. Warm Hands
If using an oil or cream, begin by placing some onto your hand. Then rub your hands together vigorously until they feel warm. If you are using a product, this should also help to warm it up as well.

3. Rub Breasts
Place your hands on your breasts, and begin to gently rub inwards with a circular motions. This means your right hand will be moving clockwise, while your left hand moves counter-clockwise. Each rub should last a couple of seconds. Continue massaging your breasts with this motion until you have done a minimum of 100-300 rubs. Remember to be gentle, yet firm. If your breasts ever begin to feel sore, then you are probably using too much pressure. Occasionally you should pause to rub your hands together to keep them warmed up. You may also want to begin using an oil or a cream.

4. Repeat Twice Daily
To achieve optimal results, you should perform this breast massage both morning and night. A full massage of 300 rubs should take you no more than 10-15 minutes.

Remember that this method will not produce immediate results. Regular massage twice daily for at least 30 days is needed before most women will notice a difference in their breast size. Before considering an expensive or potentially dangerous operation, however, each woman should try this free and completely natural technique. Although results cannot be guaranteed, it is a healthy and natural approach that does not have any risks or side effects. Each women has a unique body, however, so remember that what may work for one person, will not work for everyone.


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